Exclusive Contract Hire & Leasing Offers

Fabia £118 6+35
Rapid £201 6+35
Rapid Spaceback £188 6+35
Focus £189 6+35
Octavia £160 6+35
i30 £137 6+48
Superb £170 6+35
Kuga £219 6+35
i30 Tourer £169 6+35
Karoq £163 6+35
Mondeo £219 6+35
S-Max £265 6+35
IONIQ £188 6+35
Galaxy £304 6+35
Tucson £223 6+35
Edge £298 6+35
Santa Fe £299 6+35


£118 Per month

10,000 MILES P/A

The third-generation ŠKODA Fabia is more dynamic and more expressive than its predecessor


SE 1.6 TDI 115PS
£201 Per month

10,000 p/a

The ŠKODA Rapid has established itself as the ultimate practical car for a modern drivers day to day needs.

ŠKODA Rapid Spaceback

S 1.4 TDi
£188 Per month

10,000 p/a

With lots of space, numerous ‘Simply Clever’ features and a stylish silhouette, the ŠKODA Rapid Spaceback is sure to impress

Ford Focus

Hatch 5dr S-Line Nav 1.0T 125 Ecoboost
£189 Per month

8,000 p/a

With a sculpted exterior and a cabin space that’s more advanced and sophisticated than ever, this is the most refined Focus yet.

ŠKODA Octavia

Hatch S 1.0TSi 115PS
£160 Per month

10,000 miles per year

Driven By Something Different​

Hyundai i30

Hatch S 1.0 T-GDi 100PS
£137 Per month

8,000 MILES P/A

The new generation Hyundai i30 is currently available from John Mulholland Contract Hire and Leasing for an incredible £137 per month on a 6+38 profile with 8,000 miles per annum. This exceptional offer is subject to limited stock so call...

Skoda Superb

Hatch S 1.6 TDI 120PS
£170 Per month

10,000 p/a

A CAR THAT TRULY EARNS ITS NAME. Imagine a car that blurs the line between beauty and functionality.

Ford Kuga

Zetec 1.5T 120 Ecoboost Start + Stop
£219 Per month

8,000 p/a

Striking, ultra-contemporary design and styling, inside and out. Uncompromising performance and unrelenting efficiency. An impressive list of smart features, systems and technologies. And all the practicality, flexibility and utility you could possibly want. If you see opportunities where others see...

Hyundai i30

Tourer S 1.0 T-GDI 120PS Blue Drive
£169 Per month

8,000 p/a

Rarely does a new car come along that looks so right, that feels so now. The New Generation Hyundai i30 does all that in style

Skoda Karoq

SE Technology 1.0 TSI Manual
£163 Per month

8,000 p/a

Introducing the Karoq. Ready to take whatever path lies ahead of you, the Karoq is a stylish compact SUV with a big sense of adventure.

Ford Mondeo

Hatch 5dr Zetec 1.5T 120 Ecoboost Start + Stop
£219 Per month

8,000 p/a

Sleek, striking, cutting-edge styling creates a dynamic silhouette: a visual statement that powerfully conveys the car’s exceptional performance and efficiency. Combine this sophisticated, intelligent design with meticulous craftsmanship and state-of-the-art technologies, and this is the most advanced Mondeo ever.

Ford S-Max

5dr Zetec 1.5 SCTI 160 Ecoboost
£265 Per month

8,000 p/a

Intelligent technologies and ultra-contemporary styling, exhilarating performance and precision handling: all set the S-MAX apart from the crowd.

Hyundai IONIQ

SE Hybrid 1.6 GDI
£188 Per month

8,000 p/a

Introducing IONIQ – the first car in the world to offer separate hybrid, full electric and plug in hybrid powertrains within one body type.

Ford Galaxy

5dr Zetec 2.0 TDCI 120PS
£304 Per month

8,000 p/a

The Ford Galaxy is a car that redefines the travelling experience, providing highly flexible seating for up to seven

Hyundai Tuscon

S 1.7 CRDI 116 Blue Drive
£223 Per month

8,000 p/a

A true game changer. The All-New Tucson. Opening our minds to change allows us to see things in a different light, throw out old assumptions and celebrate the new.

Ford Edge

£298 Per month

10,000 p/a

The stunning Ford Edge Titanium is currently available from John Mulholland Contract Hire and Leasing for only £298 per month on a 6+35 profile with 10,000 miles per annum.

Hyundai Santa Fe

Premium 5-Seat 2.2 CRDI Blue Drive 4WD
£299 Per month

8,000 p/a

Confident, imposing and extremely well-appointed. The Santa Fe delivers an adventurous driving experience.